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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  January 7, 2010 2:00am-3:00am EST

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shop. thanks for being with us tonight. well see you all again tomorrow. go to blue oval on greta wire right now and join us. bill riley next at the top of the hour. good at the top of the hour. good night >> glenn: hello, america. yesterday, we covered all of this. we got so much more tonight. but i want to start here. do you see that chris dodd is retiring? really. i'm from connecticut. chris dodd that i know who has been in congress for over three decades. more powerful than most members in the senate. iconic democrat. he just ran for president. and now we're to believe that he's had enough of politics. oh, how very george washington of you, chris dodd. giving up that power. really? tonight, what's really behind this and what is to come. also, we're going to an spend good deal of time tonight on things that the politicians tell you, that the american people won't understand, or that the american people will
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freak out and they can't handle the truth. well, not only do i think you can understand it, i think you can hand the truth. but i also believe you're entitled to the truth. tonight, you're going to get it! the phone hasn't rung all week. the phone hasn't rung all year. the phone didn't ring last year either. and it still works. hello, america. how are you? if our politicians are good at one thing, it's this. oh, hi. oh, yeah, i remember what it is. addictions. yeah. i mean they got all kinds of them. hookers, mistresses, interns, congressional pages, argentine women. what else? meetings at highway rest stops. airport bathroom stalls. that one is a good one. of course, then you have to throw in the occasional coke and a few bribes. but their biggest addiction
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doesn't involve hookers or blow. huh-uh. it's spending. americans seem to understand that hookers and bribes respect really acceptable. so -- aren't really acceptable. we run the spitzbergen spitzer flag flag -- and blagojevich's out of town. when do we run those who are stealing our future out of town? grab a torch. this is our debt from the u.s. put that on your screen all the time. screen saver. numbers are mindboggling. there is the u.s. national debt. $12 trillion. i'll show you that is not really our national debt. we have $8 trillion in bail-out. we have $106 trillion in unfunded liabilities. the liability per citizen is
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$346,445. every citizen, not taxpayers, every citizen owes $346,000. where did i leave my wallet? it doesn't really take a harvard education to understand i don't think we're good for that cash. at some point we all have to become brain surgeons th surgeo have all invented flying cars, or we're just going to have to say, yeah, can't pay that back. that's where it gets dicey. well, how come we never really have that frank conversation? well, let me start with the accounting practices in washington, d.c. how are the accounting practices done in your house? you keep a ledger or you keep it in your checkbook. you know how much money you have, how much money you spend. you are supposed to keep, you know, all your receipts and, you know, some sort of a ledger. you keep everything in there. that way when the i.r.s.
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comes knocking and they say pay this, please. you got them. right? and then you sit there for hours and you're like you guys don't pay your taxes, how come i got to pay mine? and then the sweat starts beating up, as they look, see, i see here you spent, hmm -- if they don't match up, you go to jail, or you pay a big fine. don't worry, people in washington, this doesn't apply to you. so you go to jail or pay a big fine. but can you imagine if you are like oh, i didn't put that in there? it's because i got a second set of books in a drawer. you definitely go to jail, right? this is the way it works in the federal government. this is -- this one is everything that is in the regular federal budget. you know, the one they talk about. we're going to do all kind of great things for you. we're going to do that. this one is $12 trillion in the red. they don't want the deficit
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to look really bad, because it makes them look bad. naughty. so, in essence, they have this set of books. this one has medicare, medicaid, social security, emergency spending, you know, what it's costing us to fight a war. can you imagine if you said to the i.r.s., oh, yeah, i mean this one has, you know, this one has everything that i'm spending, but my employee pensions are in this one. and i'll just write them down in here. and anything that comes up like an emergency. i put that one in this set of books. just look at this one. we'd all be in jail. but yet these people in washington continue to play this game. why? because they know there is nobody like the i.r.s. namely, us, to go boom! on their head. nobody is going to say anything. let me come off the budget here for a second. it's not just the budget and they do this. they are lying to us all the time. i haven't felt like a soviet
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citizen ever in my life. but boy i feel like one when i saw nancy pelosi speak. she was, she was either clearly hallucinating, living in a parallel universe, or she's just lying. i think it's more likely seeing i'm not a conspiracier this ri theorist to go with number three. she is lying. barack obama said during the campaign healthcare was going to be debated out in the open, on c-span. well, when somebody pointed that out to nancy pelosi in a press conference yesterday she said this. look at the way she's saying it. watch. >> there are a number of things that are said on the campaign trail. >> glenn: there are a number of things said on the campaign trail. we were lying to you then and we're lying to you now. like that's funny. she's lying. she's saying we were lying to you when trying to get
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elected. she said she didn't know the president said on c-span, really? really? he did. here he is. >> these negotiations will be on c-span. >> broadcasting the negotiations on c-span. >> it will be on c-span. >> we'll have the negotiations televised on c-span. >> all this will be done on c-span. >> glenn: and it wasn't done on c-span. no. i didn't watch it myself, we had researchers. it's too boring to watch and it makes my head explode when i see the politicians actually have their lips move. there was a few times more he said that. how did nancy pelosi respond when they say hey, you guys are keeping everything in secret? >> it's a process -- >> glenn: it's all an open process. it's all on open process. she went on to say it's never been more open than it is right now. have you ever wondered how these people sleep at night? i mean that sincerely. how do they sleep at night? could you get away with the
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lies that they tell in your personal life? would you get away with two sets of books? no. if you collapsed your charitable organization, your church, your business, would you get away with it? these people are collapsing our economy. whether it's through nefarious desires like i told you last night or just let's not -- let's not say that cloward and piven are involved. it's just flat-out stupidity or greed. could you do it? wasn't that why bernie madoff went to jail? the answer is no. no, you couldn't get away with it. then let me ask you this. if we demand that bernie madoff guess to jail, why do we not demand that the people in washington go to jail for what they are doing to our country? let me go back to the budget deficit. each one of us owes $346,000. do you have that?
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because i'm fresh out. by the way, you have to write that check for each one of your kids. and the media will only tell you part of the story. you have to put it all together. they tell us that we can afford all of this debt. we can do it. because we can pull ourselves out. well, let me ask you a question. what is, what is your country built on right now? 7 70%, 70% is on spending. you, spending, consumption. 3 30% is on everything else. and actual creation of things. really? here is what they don't want to, here is what they don't want to tell you. they don't want you to know that well, look what is happening to your spending. bring up the chart, please. whoa! household borrowing, household borrowing has taken a nose dive. so, you aren't spending, or
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at least you're not spending. you're doing common sense stuff. you're not spending more than you need. that's why the stimulus package is so important. they need to reverse this. if 70% is based on you, you spending, and it's done this, well then the government needs to come up with some money. where is the money from the government coming from? i mean i know a lot of americans are just content not to think about, you know, where is the money come from, but at least the people in detroit, here is what they said. >> where is the money coming from ? >> it's coming from the, from --
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>> glenn: his face is not on the currency yet. it's coming from you. it's coming from tax revenue. it wi let me show you this real quick. here is jobs, here is tax revenue. as people and their unemployment and people lose their jobs, what do you think, tax revenue goes up? more tax revenue. it doesn't work that way. as people lose their jobs, tax revenues go down as well. because you're not making money to pay taxes. we can no longer base this on consumption. what are we creating? here is the deal. as you spend less, the government through stimulus, has to spend more. they have to fill this space, otherwise the economy collapses. the idea on stimulus is create something new here that is like a clutch.
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as it comes down, they fill this space, as it comes down, they still late the economy. and it kick-starts the economy. and then the economy and your spending go up. that's the way it's supposed to work. we're not creating anything. the lie being told to you right now is green jobs is the answer. and the other, prince of republican of the progressives, senator lindsay grahamnesty. here he is. >> the green economy is coming. we can either follow or leave. and those countries who follow will pay a price. those nations who lead in creating the few green economy for the world will make money. >> glenn: okay. really? that's great. let's start cranking out the solar panels. i'm sure the price in the global market will be competitive, with us cost-cutting union workers. think of the birthing process of a solar panel in america.
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as opposed to china. in america, we have to get financing. we have to get the workers. we go and get financing and we hire the workers. we have to have a union contract. we have to have the permits. we have to go through osha. we're making solar panels so we got to go through the epa. then you bet ver a lot of attorneys, because all kind of people are going to come after you, because you're making anything in america. and then at the very end, you got it. solar panels. that's us. and i know i left a lot of stuff out. here is china. got solar panels. what do you need? you need workers. children. parts. which do you think is going to be cheaper? i'm betting on china. what about you? of course they'll do it cheaper. i have evidence in five minutes. wait for this. it will make your head explode. it's the same thing with the cle green cars. do you really think the union factories are going to
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outprice india or china? c'mon. please. it's the reason why andy stern wants the workers of the world to unite. >> woworkers of the world unite. not the way we say as a slogan anymore. it's way we work. >> glenn: he's got bills to pay and he's got to make that money and grow some place. the unions are becoming globalists. they know they can't compete. and they know that growth market is not in america. so they globalize. and lower the standard of the american worker. spread the wealth. take from the have and give to the have-nots. global scale. the poorest among us are the have-nots. they will get theirs, the unions because they're a global institution now. where does that leave you and me? the american, in what world will we we actually start to flip the numbers?
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where will we start to flip 30%? are we going to build chia pets? slamwow. are they made in america? slap chop is made in mexico but could be made in china. i think i said it before. where are those -- they're over here. i've been working on a new design. this is -- can i tell you something? this is going to be so fantastic. look. it's a drink umbrella. we can make them here in america and send them to the chinese. won't it be great? whatever it is that we decide to make, it better be huge, because we all owe $340,000. every one of us. every man, woman and child. a debt that until recently was considered healthy and now it's called unsustainable. even the president admits that. so why, why, why is it unsustainable?
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what is the problem with it? let me show you. here it is. the problem with it is -- i tried to make today's show all about you. you can understand it in your own life, well, you'll understand what is happening in washington. here are three people. one is 25, one is 45, one is 65. when you're 25, you're low earning but you have your whole life in front of you so you have high potential. you have low debt. maybe debt from college but not cars and houses. high potential, low earning, low to medium debt. when you're 45, this is the peak of where you are. this is the peak years for the next ten years, where you really make the money. so you are high earning, you have high to medium potential, because in ten years it's going to start coming down. then you have high debt. this is when the people go out and buy that big huge house, because they're high earning and they still have potential.
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then 65, and you go on ssi. you're on pension. you're low earning, low potential, low debt. you buy the big house here. you don't go out and buy a huge house here. right? because you can't pay it off. gang, stop looking at you. this is the united states in the 1930s. we still had in front of us jets, cars, tvs, the refrigerator. nobody in the world had refrigerators. we made them! we had steel plants. the world came to us. we were 25 in 1930. 45 in 1970s. we still had our not ten poten but things would start to come down. cars, television. this is when we got off the gold standard and started to become a consumption. they new the end was coming. we couldn't keep building
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because the rest of the world could build it cheaper than us. then 65. when is this? now? 2010, 2012? i don't know. we were, we were going to -- our export was going to be financial advice. nobody in the world is listening to us now. we're consumption and what else? what else? lindsay graham thinks it's a solar panel. and the prius. that is not the answer. and i will show you the evidence on why next.
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>> glenn: all right. so now you know the situation with the debt and you can see, i mean, are we ever going to be competitive on the system that we have right now? progressives are telling us things are going to be saved,
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they'll be fine with a green economy. republican senator lindsay graham say green jobs are the future. >> the green economy is coming. we can either follow or leave. in those countries who follow will pay a price. those nations who lead in creating the new green economy for the world will make money. >> glenn: yeah. we're going to make money. we're going to make money. with this kind of on our back. then you have joe biden who says green jobs are more likely to be union jobs. so this is going to make it so much easier. david buckner is here, adjunct professor at columbia university. how are you, david? >> good. >> glenn: david, am i wrong on this? >> no. it gets lager when the government gets more involved, which it is doing. >> glenn: here is why i said, america, the green economy thing is nonsense. i think they want you over here, in case you pass out or something. this is why i tell you that
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the green economy stuff is nonsense. because of this, listen to this story, broke today. massachusetts based evergreen solar received $58 million in state aid and tax incentives to build a plant and produce solar panels. the company upheld its end of the bargain creating double the number of jobs it promised it would create. evergreen still lost $167 million last year and has decided to send 200 jobs overseas to china. david, can we create anything -- here is my solution to this. do you agree with this? >> here you had innovation. you had innovation here you had innovation here. we have become con such as and financial instrument society. >> glenn: not even a financial instrument. >> not anymore. who is going to look to us. we're consumption. >> glenn: that's unsustainable. >> we're so overconsumption
2:24 am
that the deficit is beyond what the -- >> glenn: people say to me, glenn, you are such a pessimist. i'm not. i believe in the american people. i believe we can create if we do two things. if we erase all of these things, the garbage that the government put in our way, we can immediately, because if we just stop and get rid of our debt, we start living within our means -- >> start again. you're back here. >> we start again. this system that's clean and entrepreneur and 25-year-old mentality, where it's i got an idea, i'll do it. we'll build tv. >> you're not hindered or steered by the government intervention. >> glenn: you talk about the green jobs. >> that's the steering. >> glenn: they say that the green jobs is the future. >> no, no, no. if they were, we would have already been creating these. we've done it before. we go solar panels and wind. trust me, they keep telling us that companies are all about profits.
2:25 am
if they were all about profits, they would have gone in there to make the profits. >> glenn: okay. so let me take you here, we're with green energy. give me a second. we're with green energy, i'm a person that believes that americans can create anything. >> right. >> glenn: that we can do every innovate. and if they said to me we have $787 billion in stimulus, and we're going to the a manhattan project or we're going to do an "x" project or something, we or -- >> new refrigerator or something. >> glenn: we could turn it around. but it those be something we can build cheaply and the whole world needs to buy. >> this means that you are going to have to bypass much of the union, epa -- all the issues macro controlling from the government. you have to become lean and efficient. sny i'll show you next when we come back, why this is unsustainable. you know it in your own home. i'll show you the housing bubble to compare right to the bubble that is happening in washington. next.
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join me at the top of the hour for "special report." now back to glenn. >> glenn: all right. when the interest rates are low, people say we can spend money. we can afford -- it happened with the mortgages. the mortgage bubble. the burst in 2008. home payments ballooned as soon as the interest rate went up. right? more, more than often homeowners are being left drowning in debt. but should they have known?
2:31 am
yeah. yeah. but nobody wanted to tell anybody that. they didn't want to tell themselves the truth. let me compare it now to what the government is doing with the bond market. our loans for the government to run. their mortgage loan bonds. okay? david buckner is here, adjunct professor, columbia university. help me out. what i want to do here is this is you. this is you. >> yep, that's me. >> glenn: this one is the government. okay? help me out where i'm wrong. correct me. say i make $40,000 a year. this is my, this is my salary. but my take-home -- >> that's your net. you have about $24,000 left over after taxes. >> got it. >> okay. >> glenn: let's say i want to buy a house. the house is $120,000. i have to go to the bank and get $120,000 loan. they'll say well, it's about $100 a month. >> if you get in 1% interest rate. >> yeah. >> $100 at 1% interest rate. they look at your salary and
2:32 am
take-home and assuming you have car and credit card debt and maybe a student loan, you'd be able to do this. >> sure, no problem. >> glenn: at 1% interest. this is what happened to a lot of america. then if it went up to 5% in year three, all of a sudden, you're not paying 100, you're paying $500. >> the shock of going from $100 to $500 is significant for someone saying i'm in and i can afford 100. then the reset came and they get a bill for $500. >> they sought something will happen. something will happen. i'll be able to afford this. >> you end up in bankruptcy. >> if you had this salary and the other debt and everything else, and they came at you with 5% and they probably
2:33 am
wouldn't have okayed you for $500. >> no. you would haven't qualified to begin with. you got in on a teaser rate or whatever. >> glenn: got it. that's what happened to america and you in your house. show me the difference with the united states in a positive way. here is the government. here is our salary. it's a little reversed to begin. >> glenn: here is our salary. that is our take-home. we don't tax the government. $2.38 trillion. that's what the i.r.s. takes. >> that is the collection of revenue. >> got it. unfortunately, we're spending this month. >> yes. >> glenn: so in essence we have to go to the bank and say if you will to compare it to here, we need a $1.17 trillion house. >> that's correct. and we need that on a complete loan, because we just don't have it. >> glenn: okay. so, we don't have it. >> you and i wouldn't qualify for that. >> no.
2:34 am
>> glenn: we're not making enough to cover our expenses. >> got it. >> we go out every year and take out this loan. >> glenn: okay. now, just like when you are at the bank and say i want $120,000 and -- they check how much else do you owe? what else do you owe? well, i got a credit card and i have a card. okay. all right. then you qualify for that. we have to go and tell them that we have $118 trillion in vacation, homes, cars and everything else. $118 trillion. we should not qualify for this. >> no. >> glenn: what happens if it's at 5% but it goes up to 18%? >> in my estimation as i go through this, if i go from 5% to 15%, i did an easy ramp up. >> glenn: 15%. not 18. >> i went to 15%. it did kind of carter administration, middle of the road, mid-teens. if i go from 5 to 15, my
2:35 am
obligation increases to an 85% increase to cover that extra 10%. in other words, let me put it this way, 85% of that number of 2.38. that's my revenue. 85% of that will be consumed by paying interest only. >> glenn: say it again. >> 85% of our total revenue for 2010 in the united states of america if the interest rates went up would be consumed in interest alone. >> just to pay for this. >> just to pay the interest. >> glenn: this means, then, we don't have -- we have 85%. >> they have to increase tax revenue bs by 85%. we have to increase the tax payment by 85%. >> glenn: likelihood this happens? >> if that moves to that -- >> glenn: likelihood it happens? >> inflation is the issue. if we get inflation, which we know the flooding -- >> glenn: if you're a betting man, if this was not -- if
2:36 am
this was you, if this was you, would you take out this loan? >> no. >> glenn: america, i'll tell you what i think is coming in the
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2:39 am
after 35 years representing the people of connecticut in the united
2:40 am
states congress, i will not be a candidate for re-election this november. there are moments for each elected public official to step aside and let someone else step up. this is my moment to step aside. >> glenn: it's amazing! christopher dodd. he's going to to step aside. after only three decades in the u.s. senate. he's decided after a lot of thought to step down, after his term and not seek re-election. yeah. yeah. i'm sure that's exactly what is happening. yeah. chris is there at home, you know, it's been a good run. and after all, i think there are a few bars i haven't hit in connecticut. i haven't visited all of them yet. i'll step aside and let someone else have a shot. a shot! i'll a double. surely christopher dodd is not going bar-hopping anymore. and neither am i. c'mon, really chris? it's time just to step aside and let somebody else have a shot? these people fight tooth and nail for power. you just don't give it up. i mean, i'm sorry.
2:41 am
but i just don't think that chris dodd is george washington. maybe that's me. the democrats knew that dodd was going to lose and they cannot afford to lose another seat. they are too much in love with the super majority. the democrat party thinks that you are too stupid to know that all they care about is the party, not people -- christopher dodd doesn't give a flying crap. they don't care about the values of the people they represent. they want to win. they're counting on that belief or lack of belief in you. but the point is chris dodd was the chairman of the senate banking committee and he oversaw the healthcare overhaul and much of the stimulus package. chris dodd just ran for president of the united states in the last election cycle. is it possible that just out of the blue he's like, you know what? i am going to get a nap in. i'm had enough. somebody could be cynical and say did you get another sweet
2:42 am
deal, home mortgage in connecticut, or another home in ireland? maybe, maybe. maybe he just wants to enjoy the sweetheart deals he got on those two places, but i don't think so. it's slightly more likely that the party leadership saw the writing on the wall or the poll numbers from connecticut on tv. harry reid is going to be next. dodd was trailing badly. his potential republican opponent was leading. and the democrats saw the supermajority in the senate slash before their eyes. they have to have the seat in connecticut held by a republican. did they offer him anything to go quietly in the night? what kind of golden parachute did progressives dangles in front of him to convince him it was time to leave? or not because it's time for somebody else to have the job, or did he say boy, i just want to go out before they come to my house with torches, maybe leave with a little dignity like johnny carson. is a cubicle next to van jones, george soros' funded
2:43 am
more moral progress to see chris dodd show up at? is he done, will he ride out in the sunset? or is there a financial institution that suddenly decides chris dodd will be perfect to lead them in the next decade? why not. -- why not? it's not that much of a stretch. rahm emanuel found a good deal for his buddy who is now the ceo of g.m. who knows? that's for others to debate. let me tell you something about i heard about swimming at a young age. if someone is drowning and you're not an exceptionally strong swimmer yourself, you throw them something. you grab a stick. you throw a life jacket. you do something. you do not jump into the water and try to save them. because someone who is drowning is in a state of full-fledged panic. in their desperation, they will do anything. they'll flail around, grab on to you and they will actually force you under water as they try to find air. desperate people do desperate things to stay alive. the democratic party and quite honestly the republican party as well with their progressive ideas are looking
2:44 am
at their poll numbers. they saw chris dodd's poll numbers. they see the tea party numbers and the 9/12 turn-out to d.c. and saw the debacle they're jamming down our throats. they're becoming desperate. by next fall, just before the election time, they are going to be extraordinarily desperate. they're going to do everything they can just to grab on to some air. keep the power that they've built. unfortunately, in my time of watching these people in washington, nothing surprises me. and they're pretty easy to predict. they really are. unfortunately, my predictions are usually right. some of them are wrong but usually right. it's always the worst ones that are. i'll tell you what i believe they will do very soon. then you sit out and you you watch, because it will happen. it will happen. but it won't have the ending that they think. i'll tell you about it next.
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>> glenn: tell me if this sounds reasonable to you. let me predict the future. the progressives are becoming increasingly desperate. i'm not talking just about the democrats. i'm talking about progressives like lindsay graham as well in the republican party. it want to focus on if progressive democrats right now, because you tell me if this doesn't sound like what is coming. the progressives in office are facing increasiincreasingly populists, people reading the constitution and words of the founding fathers and the not gressives have people -- progressives have pieces on the table for the
2:49 am
transformational puzzle they're putting together. they're already there and tantalizing close to closing the deal on the healthcare reform starter home. they also have the climate change insanity, which they desperately want. that seems to be slipping away. whether they get the bills or not, they are going to switch gears very soon because an election is coming. and the topic of the main debate, they have to make you forget or at least their base forget about all of the spending, the collapsing of on the economy, van jones, all of the lies, everything that is going on. so they have to change the debate and it has to be something they haven't done yet. maybe something that will bring back memories of george w. bush. what could it be? may i predict the topic of next fall and coming soon to a capital near you comprehensive immigration reform. whether it passes or not is going to be irrelevant, frankly, to these people. it is exactly what they need. what is in the bill?
2:50 am
it doesn't matter. the issue will be racism. the progressives must reactivate their far left base. they must smear their detractors. they will call me and fox news and anyone else if you believe that we are a nation of laws and not of men, you're going to be called nasty names. and they're not going to listen to any of the facts that you have to say. i mean at fox news they already decided we're not a news organization. why not throw in we're a bunch of neanderthals that hate anyone that look different than us? unfortunately for them -- here is the good news -- i believe the paradigm in america has changed. charges like racism deserve to be heard and the evidence debated if there is evidence. but there usually isn't. americans are no longer afraid of being shouted down and calling names. we have finally gotten back to the stage where we remember our mother telling us, remember, sticks and
2:51 am
stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you. no, they're not going to hurt. don't get me wrong, there are people in this country that i don't want that mexican or irish person or northern or a southerner living next to them. but for me, and virtually everyone i know, in fact, yes, everyone i know. and i believe the vast majority of americans, this is about the rule of law and not the ruse of race. this country was built on immigrants. legal immigrants. i am for more immigrants joining us legally. we need the best and the brightest to yearn to breathe free and come here, or we ain't going to make it. we were built on that. history has shown us that some of the finest americans have immigrated to this country. we all are darn near all of us come from some place else. why? for freedom.
2:52 am
this is what the soldiers who are fighting on the front lines are fighting for. and many of those soldiers are immigrants. others are doctors healing us and our children, or farmers growing the food we put on our tables. we need more legal immigrants here who are yearning to be free. yearning for a better tomorrow. the facts, the facts are on our side. you can call me any name you want. i got the facts. it's what i pointed out when i played that video from bright bart tv. they found one of the guys from seiu saying that the union had illegals working here if all over the world. watch this. >> the seiu is the largest union of immigrant workers in the country. a number of them are undocumented. but let me add this. these are not just latinos. in our membership, our eastern europeans, irish, polish, indian, chinese.
2:53 am
the whole world is represented among the undocumented and also in our membership. we also represent american-born workers, legal residents. >> glenn: wow, that's big of you! thank you for throwing us a bone. are you kidding me? do you really expect americ americans to believe that we hate eastern europeans, irish, polish, indian, chinese, latin americans, the whole world? it's laughable. it's pathetic. but when you are trying to separate us, you just have to find anything that can tear us apart. you just call people names that disagree with you. when people call other people names without any evidence, you know they're in real trouble. they got nothing left. they got the last bullet in their gun. these guys are about to shoot it. and they're going to lose when they do. mark my words. it's coming.
2:54 am
right back.
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>> glenn: i have thrown an awful lot at you this week and a lot to think about. i'm going to show you more on tomorrow, how the country is being fundamentally transformed before our eyes. you will see the government, union, wall street all coming together as one. the reason why i've done it this week because i'm closing the book on 2009. i can't, i just can't read
2:58 am
anymore about how we don't -- we lie about things and we make things up. whatever! this is just some of the -- this is the research from one producer. one producer. what do we have? eight producers on the program that are just full-time producers? i have another four just on my staff that work all the time on this. these are just the books i read this year that were behind my desk, in my office. you wantp to understand barack obama and how they're playing it? animal spirits. you want to understand american progressives, get this one. american progressivism. another that is better than that one is woodrow wilson and the -- here it is. "and the roots of modern liberalism." this is fantastic! it will make your eyes bleed but it's fantastic. you want to understand the founding fathers, please i beg you, get this book. we've done our homework. and we have been right over and over and over again.
2:59 am
so why am i showing you all of this stuff? next week this show changes. we're going in another direction. i'm going to tell you that every is going on, i'm going to keep these people's feet to the fire. but let me tell you something. the keyword, the keyword for me all next year, or all this year, is remember. remember the lies they told you, remember what they said would happen if we did things but more importantly, remember who we are. remember who the founders are. remember what the idea was. remember why the pilgrims got into the boat in the first place! remember that we are the people that created and transformed the world through freedom. remember that we're the people that crossed the mountains. remember, we're the people that conquered, conquered at


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